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If we can't go to parties, we'll build them ourselves! 


And that's exactly what DV-sound did. They brought the party straight to your house! 

Thanks to the VR-stream team, we were able to have a 3-day long marathon with

the best sets in belgium!

Here you can see a fragment of the set of DIVS, a rapidly growing DJ in Belgium.

The whole stage was custom-made and pre-programmed by Outdream Creative so that everything would go perfectly. And we succeeded!

It could not have gone better, everything went according to plan and that even for one of the very first streams of the whole pandemic!

It's safe to say that we were all very proud of it.

The lights were controlled by Cedric Duré, the Founder of Outdream Creative


the led walls were controlled and partially made by Nikolay Gelshtein, aka myself.

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